Wind Turbine Inspection

ASC wind turbine inspection services support both wind energy producers and manufacturers. Wind turbine inspection covers a wide range of components and materials used for manufacturing wind turbines, and include vendor surveillance, installation, and crucial operational support for wind turbine installations. ASC's professional third-party independent verification services help ensure wind turbine vendor quality, component safety, operational reliability. We help clients better understand and reduce wind turbine failure and downtimes.


Wind Turbine Inspection Services include:


  • Vendor Inspection, Expediting, Auditing and Assessment
  • On-Site Field Inspection (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Equipment Loading Supervision
  • Mechanical, E & I, Coating, Site and Civil Inspection
  • Dimensional Control
  • Additional inspection expertise and capabilities

Wind Turbine vendor assessment, inspection and expediting services save wind energy clients time, cost, and potential safety and performance issues.