Site Assessment for Wind Farms

With Site Assessment, ASC Wind Energy Services ensures that all site-specific requirements are taken into consideration during the design phase of a wind farm project. The ultimate objective of Wind Farm Site Assessment is to facilitate overall project development by ensuring the viability, economical soundness and site optimization during wind farm project development.


ASC Site Assessment of wind farm projects also includes a process of regulatory compliance management, which identifies the mandatory requirements and regulations the client must comply with for the specified site.


Wind Farm Site Assessment can generally be described as a combination of ASC’ services for Wind Measurement Evaluation, Energy Yield Calculations, Wind Farm Optimization (turbine type and layout), Turbulence Calculations and Evaluation of Terrain Complexity and its subsequent consequences.


ASC approach to Site Assessment for Wind Farms comprises the following sub-packages:


  • Preliminary Data : ASC offers a comprehensive verification of wind data to realistically estimate annual wind speeds at the targeted location
  • Technical Aspects : Multiple parameters such as turbine model, wind farm effects and terrain conditions are evaluated, optimized and taken into account during the decision-making process
  • Economic Aspects : ASC performs a detailed financial analysis providing an overview of energy production from each turbine within a wind farm as well as the overall efficiency of the wind park
  • Equipment Loading Supervision
  • Optimization: ASC offers a comprehensive optimization process as the means of evaluating the best solution for each specific project
  • Final Decision: The optimization process of all technical and financial aspects of a site assessment, culminate in the provision of comprehensive set of reports. These reports include an overall summary, which form the basis for future financial and technical decisions of the project.