Engineering Team

The Engineering Management team of ASC Engineering Service has a combined 50 years of experience in the Product testing and Certification, SEMI S2 evaluation, CE Compliance and Design consultation business.


Behailu Assefa


Mr. Assefa has close to 30 years experience in product evaluation of electrical equipment in the USA, Canada, and Europe. His experience both on the inside and outside of the product safety and certification industries afforded him to understand the need and concern of manufacturers to get their product meet the intended national and international standards.


Mr. Assefa has worked with one of the world largest medical laser manufacturer of solid state and gas lasers designing power supplies and control systems. This experience coupled with the product safety experience gained at UL provided him to effectively evaluate the systems without too much interference from the customers.


Mr. Assefa is currently the Managing Director for ASC engineering Services that is operating in the USA performing product evaluation to national and international standards. In addition, he manages the SEMI S2 and CE projects for the US, Europe and Asia markets. He holds an electrical engineering degree (BSEE) from the Technical Institute - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Chris Illerhaus


Mr. Illerhaus is currently the Manager for the testing and Certification of Engineering Services with ASC Engineering Services. He worked for ABB in substation engineering focused on numerous power distributions systems for industrial plants (chemical, oil offshore gas platforms, etc) and transportation systems in Singapore North East subway line. He has worked for the TUV office in Japan and USA in industrial safety and code compliance.

Chris has performed a number of product testing and certification of electrical machinery in USA and outside the USA. Equally, he has done a very extensive evaluations to the semi conductor industry performing SEMI S2 and CE evaluations.

Chris holds a Diploma (MSEE) from the Technical University of Munich in Electrical engineering focusing on power engineering.